Acne, Oily & Congested Skin


Problematic Skin Types,

Blackheads, White Heads & Congestion

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Whether it is oiliness, blocked pores, enlarged pores, breakouts or acne prone, your skin requires regular exfoliation and deep cleansing. Using exfoliating ingredients will help to remove dirt, oil and other impurities as well as unclog blocked pores and improve the appearance of congested skin.   A combination of salicylic, mandelic, glycolic and lactic acids in our professional facials and peels work together to exfoliate the skin, decongest pores, reduce irritation and acne. The treatments will renew and rejuvenate the facial skin, helping to achieve a healthier, more refreshed appearance. Click here for further information and advice about Acne.

Body Treatments

Proteolytic Enzyme Back Treatment:

The Proteolytic Enzyme Back Treatment is a scientifically based method of effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing designed to address acne, dry skin and various common back conditions. The term Proteolytic is a reaction that works selectively to digest only dead and diseased skin cells without harming normal living healthy cells. 

Advanced Facial Treatments

DermaTx Mini Facials: 

Each facial treatment is bespoke and expertly tailored to meet your exact skincare needs.

Jan Marini Retinol Plus Facial   

Improves skin texture and clarity with skin appearing smoother and pores are diminished in size.

Jan Marini Proteolytic Enzyme Facial 

Gently exfoliates, leaving the skin appearing smoother, brighter and refined.

SkinCeuticals Detoxifying Facial 

Helps to detoxify the skin as well as reduce damage from free radicals giving a radiant, youthful glow.

From £40

Advanced Peel Treatments

Skinceuticals SM Gel Peel 

Exfoliates the skin while decongesting pores and reducing irritation.

Dermacaeutic Mask peel or Milk peel      

For acne and oily skin, dilated pores, excess sebum and deep cleansing.

From £50

Depending on your skin-health you may need a course of these peels and facials to achieve maximum results.

The treatments listed are only a guide. A complimentary consultation will be given to determine the best skincare treatment for you giving you a customised, tailor-made treatment to suit your individual needs.

To enhance your treatment results, start using an advanced home skincare routine today!   Please ask for a free consultation.