Pigmentation & Sun Damage

Pigmentation and Hyper-Pigmentation
Dark spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone.

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Sun exposure is the main factor, but pigmentation can also be aggravated by other factors including hormones such as during pregnancy or the contraceptive pill, certain medications and also inflammation following trauma.

For mild pigmentation, there are some very effective home-use products that we can advise you to use. These advanced products gently and safely address this common skin concern by lightening the appearance of existing pigment and preventing the formation of further discolouration.

To treat more troublesome pigmentation, we offer a range of effective facials and chemical peels. They work by removing or resurfacing the top layers of skin, revealing brighter, lighter looking skin or can work deeper down for stubborn pigmentation in the lower layers of your skin.

Our advanced skincare specialist will advise you on the best treatment after carrying out a thorough skin analysis and consultation. It is important though that after such treatment you follow a strict skincare regime and sun protection is essential to avoid the problem returning.

Advanced Facial Treatments

for pigmentation

DermaTx Mini Facials
Using a complex Brightening formula with Microdermabrasion crystals for uneven skin tone, sun-damaged and ageing skin.

Skinceuticals Brightening Facial
Targets hyperpigmentation to dramatically improve skin uniformity and sundamaged skin.

Jan Marini Retinol Plus Facial
Helps to minimise the appearance of facial discolouration.

From £30

Advanced Peel Treatments

Skinceuticals Pigment Balancing Peel – Powerful exfoliating action to accelerate cell renewal and improve hyperpigmentation.

Jan Marini Glycolic Enlighten Plus Resurfacing Peel
Targets the most visible signs of skin ageing including sun damage and age spots, whilst reducing hyperpigmentation.

Medik8 White Peel
Helps to lighten and brighten the skin, even out skin tone and improve hydration of the skin.

From £60

Depending on your skin-health you may need a course of these peels and facials to achieve maximum results.

 The treatments listed are only a guide. A complimentary consultation will be given to determine the best skincare treatment for you giving you a customised, tailor-made treatment to suit your individual needs.

Whatever your age and regardless of your sun tanning habits to date, it is never too late to start prevention by using daily sunscreen.

To enhance your treatment results, start using an advanced skin lightening home skincare routine today! Please ask for a consultation.

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