Sensitive Skin & Rosacea

Sensitised & Irritated Skin

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sensitive skin


Sensitive skins and skin prone to rosacea react to certain trigger factors. These include exposure to sunlight, cold weather, hot drinks, alcohol, certain foods and stress, which cause redness. Although it is initially isolated and intermittent, this redness can become permanent. Identifying and avoiding the triggers of rosacea can be a useful way of controlling the symptoms.

Sometimes this is combined with tightening of the skin, redness, a burning sensation, inflammation and itching.

Avoid excessive sun exposure and always wear sunscreen or sun block on a daily basis.

Facial treatments can help to soothe and calm the skin, provide relief and aid healing, which reduces overall redness and irritation.

Prior to any skincare treatment you may be required to treat and control the rosacea with an advanced skincare regime first.

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Advanced Facial Treatments:

DermaTx Mini Facials:            

Each facial treatment is bespoke and expertly tailored for your exact skincare needs.

Jan Marini Proteolytic Enzyme Facial  

Removes skin cells without harming sensitive or easily irritated skin leaving you looking instantly fresher and more vibrant.

SkinCeuticals Soothing Facial      

Ultra soothing and provides optimal protection to sensitive and damaged skin.

From £30

Depending on your skin-health you may need a course of these peels and facials to achieve maximum results.

The treatments listed are only a guide. A complimentary consultation will be given to determine the best skincare treatment for you giving you a customised, tailor-made treatment to suit your individual needs.

To enhance your treatment results start using an advanced home skincare routine today! Please ask for a free consultation.